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Spring time. Equals good times. Equals get your shop and/or eat on… outdoors!

One of my favorite Spring (and Summer) time ways to spend a lovely day is to go to the Brookln Flea. The original is in Fort Greene, every Saturday, although I have never been to the new Dumbo addition, on Sundays. It’s great. It’s like a “high end” flea. There are great vintage and artist crafted goods and clothes, not to mention some DELICOUS things to eat. The Red hook fields’ vendors are represented (mmmmm pupusas — i myself had an hurache that was the size of my face. and i ate it ALL) as well as some other local and loveable treats. There has been much hype about the high quality food-age that this upscale little flea has to offer. In fact, because it was the weekend, and like usual i had to work that night, I really only had enough time for my mega-hurache, but i left completely satisfied with my first brooklyn flea experience of the year!


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a day dreamer… i have been extra day-dreamy lately, i don’t know what it is about spring time… maybe it’s because the last few years it’s been my go-to travel time. it’s a hard habit to break.

some day i will go here:

just like bolaño.

or perhaps here:

like that dude in crime and punishment. siberia is a lonely place, so i would have to take

the tran-siberian railway, (which incidentally reminds me of another lovely train trip


in la barranca del cobre, complete with a side trip here), but this time maybe stopping in mongolia?


and bangkok would be just a stone’s throw away…

Really though, some day, i will return to

buenos aires, which is close (kind of) to a really far place.

tierra del fuego. el “fin del mundo.”

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Not ready to go
I really can’t stay
there’s something
that keeps me
like a curse it tricks me
I can’t think it away

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poetry pressure?

ug, making the comittment to NaPoWriMo and writing one poem a day seemed so easy two weeks ago! i somehow invisioned myself “buckling down” and jamming out fabulous poetry every day. i assumed that it would only get easier as the days progressed.

alas, i have fallen off the wagon. not that terribly, i guess, i write something nearly every day, but it’s coherence as a poem that i’d like to share is less than daily: even when i manage to shape the unruly words into something coherent, i’m not sure if i’d like to share! ah!

but i’m trying to get back onto the wagon, all the same. i guess it’s just a day for complaining. much like the poem that i added to the others under the link NaPoWriMo 2009, over there =>

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so, no, no one is making a movie about my life. yet. but there have been quite a few movies similar to what i believe my life may be in just a few short months.

  • Dangerous Minds. Let me tell you, Michelle Pfieiffer + awesome sound track = sob fest. don’t judge me. (i’ve provided a clip of the opening below. enjoy.)
  • Half Nelson. Not really what i hope my life will be like, but it’s hard to say.
  • Stand and Deliver. Hi. Amazing. Also a sobbing movie. Plus, who doesn’t love Edward James Olmos?
  • Up the Down Staircase. Didn’t cry quite as much with this one. In some ways it’s very similar to Dangerous Minds. Also about a small white woman teaching high school English, but the 1967 version. (Also, LOVE all of their adorable 60s clothes.)
  • The fourth season of The Wire. If you skip through the “gang stuff” it’s totally a teacher story.
  • Lean on Me. Apparently this is based on a true story? I don’t know but the clothes are pretty rad, in an 80s acid wash kind of way.
  • To Sir, With Love.
  • Blackboard Jungle.

The funny thing is that I am pretty sure that most of these movies re-use the same story, the same stock characters (i.e. the brilliant rebel, the girl who gets preggers, , the kind of less-smart kid who the teacher manages to convince to graduate, crappy administrators, the kid whose parents make him drop out — note the overt racism disguised as realism… their “culture” just doesn’t understand)…

Anyways, with that, I promise to stop making posts with lists, at least for a while. Dangerous Minds, part 1:

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the great state of…

this is where i am moving.


a state that believes that it could be its own country.

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just a bunch of nuts…

or a family of beans.


my family… well, the part we could round up after a few hours of boozing and celebrating… at the wedding of my cousin melanie a couple of weeks ago.

I borrowed this photograph from the photographer’s blog (she has some great pictures of the wedding, and also some other nice ones too!)

i definitely don’t spend nearly enough time with these guys.

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