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Spring time. Equals good times. Equals get your shop and/or eat on… outdoors!

One of my favorite Spring (and Summer) time ways to spend a lovely day is to go to the Brookln Flea. The original is in Fort Greene, every Saturday, although I have never been to the new Dumbo addition, on Sundays. It’s great. It’s like a “high end” flea. There are great vintage and artist crafted goods and clothes, not to mention some DELICOUS things to eat. The Red hook fields’ vendors are represented (mmmmm pupusas — i myself had an hurache that was the size of my face. and i ate it ALL) as well as some other local and loveable treats. There has been much hype about the high quality food-age that this upscale little flea has to offer. In fact, because it was the weekend, and like usual i had to work that night, I really only had enough time for my mega-hurache, but i left completely satisfied with my first brooklyn flea experience of the year!

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a day dreamer… i have been extra day-dreamy lately, i don’t know what it is about spring time… maybe it’s because the last few years it’s been my go-to travel time. it’s a hard habit to break.

some day i will go here:

just like bolaño.

or perhaps here:

like that dude in crime and punishment. siberia is a lonely place, so i would have to take

the tran-siberian railway, (which incidentally reminds me of another lovely train trip


in la barranca del cobre, complete with a side trip here), but this time maybe stopping in mongolia?


and bangkok would be just a stone’s throw away…

Really though, some day, i will return to

buenos aires, which is close (kind of) to a really far place.

tierra del fuego. el “fin del mundo.”

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Not ready to go
I really can’t stay
there’s something
that keeps me
like a curse it tricks me
I can’t think it away

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poetry pressure?

ug, making the comittment to NaPoWriMo and writing one poem a day seemed so easy two weeks ago! i somehow invisioned myself “buckling down” and jamming out fabulous poetry every day. i assumed that it would only get easier as the days progressed.

alas, i have fallen off the wagon. not that terribly, i guess, i write something nearly every day, but it’s coherence as a poem that i’d like to share is less than daily: even when i manage to shape the unruly words into something coherent, i’m not sure if i’d like to share! ah!

but i’m trying to get back onto the wagon, all the same. i guess it’s just a day for complaining. much like the poem that i added to the others under the link NaPoWriMo 2009, over there =>

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so, no, no one is making a movie about my life. yet. but there have been quite a few movies similar to what i believe my life may be in just a few short months.

  • Dangerous Minds. Let me tell you, Michelle Pfieiffer + awesome sound track = sob fest. don’t judge me. (i’ve provided a clip of the opening below. enjoy.)
  • Half Nelson. Not really what i hope my life will be like, but it’s hard to say.
  • Stand and Deliver. Hi. Amazing. Also a sobbing movie. Plus, who doesn’t love Edward James Olmos?
  • Up the Down Staircase. Didn’t cry quite as much with this one. In some ways it’s very similar to Dangerous Minds. Also about a small white woman teaching high school English, but the 1967 version. (Also, LOVE all of their adorable 60s clothes.)
  • The fourth season of The Wire. If you skip through the “gang stuff” it’s totally a teacher story.
  • Lean on Me. Apparently this is based on a true story? I don’t know but the clothes are pretty rad, in an 80s acid wash kind of way.
  • To Sir, With Love.
  • Blackboard Jungle.

The funny thing is that I am pretty sure that most of these movies re-use the same story, the same stock characters (i.e. the brilliant rebel, the girl who gets preggers, , the kind of less-smart kid who the teacher manages to convince to graduate, crappy administrators, the kid whose parents make him drop out — note the overt racism disguised as realism… their “culture” just doesn’t understand)…

Anyways, with that, I promise to stop making posts with lists, at least for a while. Dangerous Minds, part 1:

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the great state of…

this is where i am moving.


a state that believes that it could be its own country.

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just a bunch of nuts…

or a family of beans.


my family… well, the part we could round up after a few hours of boozing and celebrating… at the wedding of my cousin melanie a couple of weeks ago.

I borrowed this photograph from the photographer’s blog (she has some great pictures of the wedding, and also some other nice ones too!)

i definitely don’t spend nearly enough time with these guys.

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SO, since i’ve been “really busy” with “working” and “stuff,” i’ve been ignoring quite a few things that i need to do. and somehow, always at the bottom of the TO DO list, is returning my library books.

Why is this? I love the library. I love what it represents, the egalitarian nature of it, the populist sentiment of it all, the shear NUMBER of books that are constantly being read, and reread, and are yet to be read, by me, the patron. but somehow, without fail, i am lax about both reading and returning the unsuspecting library books. my fines are a constant headache. one time when i was in middle school i was nearly taken to collections both for the amount, and for the longevity of my owed account.

among the books that i (not so) recently have “borrowed” (i use this term liberally, as it is more of an extended term borrow), I don’t know that i have read any of them all the way through. it has to have been months since the last time i even picked them up and pretended that i was going to read them. but i somehow, have this bizarre delusion that i’m going to suddenly have all the time in the world to read these books that i haven’t been inspired to read up to this point.

i. am. in. denial.

it’s too bad though, because there are a lot of good ones in the pile:

  1. Los detectives Salvajes (The Savage Detectives), Roberto Bolaño. Ok, I really think that I’m going to get around to this one. Especially because I just read this article by Carmen Boullosa about Bolaño, and the time period, and yeah. Definitely not returning this one yet.
  2. The Selected Poems of Tomaz Salamun. I honestly don’t know why I held onto this one. I started to read these and knew that I wasn’t going to finish the book. Why.
  3. Spanish-American Literature, Jean Franco. So I read part of another book by her, and it was really awesome and intelligent, but it’s super academic and ever for someone who enjoys reading literary theory in their freetime…
  4. Posada: El novio de la muerte. this one is pretty amazing, it’s like a children’s book about the “life and times” of Jose Posada, mexican artist, know as an artist “of the people.” his images are like this and this and this, and overall pretty amazing. the book is like in graphic novel form, so that’s always awesome.
  5. The Museum of Unconditional Surrender, Dubravka Ugrešić. a heavy read. maybe i’ll come back to it, but i should have just returned it…
  6. José Clemente Orozco, a biography… also amazing mexican artist/muralist. (i know, i know, you’re probably wondering: if he’s so amazing, why haven’t you read the book at this point? i have no answer).

i think it really boils down to the fact that i am a procrastinator at heart, which, funnily enough, is what i am doing exactly right now, avoiding running errands and whatever else it is that i responsibly ought to be doing, as the responsible adult that i am (ha). enjoy!

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check out what i had to say about the sherman alexie and jayne cortez reading on BOMB Magazine’s blog!

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ah! this poem is just too funny. and, keeping with the theme of national poetry month… plus, even if you “don’t like/read poetry,” you’ll like poem addressing babies by peter davis, from the bloof podcast. just click Peter Davis, Poem Addressing Babies in the player.

ah hahhahahhaa.

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