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has become even more special to me now that i spend all week going, going, going. it is the first day that i can really slow down. stop. read. write.

I’m a Fool to Love You by Cornelius Eady
Father Outside by Nick Flynn

and i really adore this one. the children in my summer school class are almost all 7 years old:
Brian, Age 7 by Mark Doty (a Texas Poet)

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roadtrip ’09!

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for the purposes of clarity… and with the intent to encourage myself to write more, i’ve added a new page, poetry. and to those of you who promised to share their poetry with me, i expect a post with a link, a post with something you’d like to share, or at least an email : )

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even in the first few days of summer school i’ve been impressed by just intelligent children are. they are so perceptive and can see right through any bullshit. One girl said to me the other day:

your hair is dark there (pointing to my roots).

yes. super observant. and aren’t ashamed to say what they notice.

And while sitting in the lunchroom with some of the kids, and after explaining what I was eating for lunch (because they asked me): qinqoa and vegetables and spinach, and going into this long explanation about how important eating healthy is and it’s so good to eat vegetables, and talking about popeye and how he eats so much spinach, and thinking that i’m giving them this great impromptu lesson, and one girl says

para estar flaca? (to be skinny?)

and basically called me out on my bullshit.

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Just read Téa Obreht’s short story in The New Yorker summer fiction issue, “The Tiger’s Wife.” I can’t wait for her novel by the same name to be published. Apparently, another of her stories will also be featured in The Atlantic‘s summer fiction issue.

I’ve always admired when an author can use folklore to create a narrative; Obreht does this, without converting — and thus ruining — the mystery of the tale into cold, hard facts.

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one of those delicious mornings, where staying in bed and reading is possible. I know this will end soon, so i’m taking advantage of it while I can.

Just reading some short pieces by

Sherman Alexie

Jayne Cortez

Amy Corbin

George Robertson Terry

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kristin’s take on the whole trip… one text at a time.

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