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I feel like a pile of pumpkin vomit.

i ate a lot.


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new book

I’ve always been really into Anthony Bourdain’s show. He loves food. And he’s not a foodie. He just eats (and eats!). I respect his utter disregard for his own health in the name of food. And hey, his trip to Mexico city made me want to start eating meat again.

Even though I’m only a little ways in, I’m liking it so far. It’s half of a love affair with food, and half of a love affair with the kitchen. The hottest, more stressful, macho place in a restaurant. I remember peering into the window of the kitchen of our restaurant on a hot day, the cooks bathing in their own sweat, and I would feel shame for asking them for one more slice of bread for table 9.

In any case, it seems like Anthony Bourdain is doing what he does best, making unglamorous things seem appealing — in a visceral sort of way.

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every day!

i learned a new word. conjugal. i mean, i’d heard it before, but i really don’t think that i knew what it meant. apparently it means anything that has to do with marriage.

Example: conjugal home, conjugal bed, conjugal fight

how is that not the least romantic word ever? CONJUGAL? seriously? it sounds like constrain. or concrete. (of course i suppose it comes from conjoin or something, meaning coming together…)

which incidentally reminds me of a monty python skit about woody and tinny words.

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i like this.

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not sure what “inspired” me to draw this. maybe it’s because i started watching (oh so shamefully) Lost this week.

mind reader

i’m not sure what the connection is, or who this weirdo is, but ya.

happy friday

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“inspired” by some friends’ awesome halloween get-ups.

awkward clown

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little piggy

pure romance

you were loud and messy like finger-paints

deep thinker


also, what is “baskets” a euphemism for??

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