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So yes, this is my blog. My third attempt at a blog, in actuality, but I don’t recommend that anyone read the other two (pretty boring but HEY i’m a book person and am still figuring out this whole blogging thing), though they are floating around in the cyberworld (just one of those confusing techonological “facts” that make me skeptical of, well… techonology. but i’ll get to that later). You could say that I started this blog because I love to write (true). It’s kind of, you know, something I “do.” You could say that I started it because my roommates both have been blogging of late and I want to fit in with Lauren and Kate (not to mention every person in my age brackett who happens to live in Brooklyn… and their brother/sister, cat and/or dog). (I’d like to think that this one was less true.) But I think that I would say that I started this blog because there’s a lot going on. And I stew about it. And I have opinions. And I like talking. And most importantly, I love PUNS. Basically: my last name + stew = me thinking about stuff and brandishing my opinion remorselessly on the internet. Let me know what you think.

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