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Dear Things by Gregory Lawless

Baywatch by Jennifer L. Knox


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So I just stumbled upon a blog that I had for about a second almost exactly a year ago. It’s kind of boring, but it’s always weird to see your life in retrospect.

(Which I guess is kind of obvious now that I think about it, and why people write blogs.)

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Walter Cronkite told the Texas Monthly the “way it was,” in 2006, including his time at the University of Texas, and longevity of the nightly news.

Also, author (Angela’s Ashes) Frank McCourt died yesterday.

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kristin’s take on the whole trip… one text at a time.

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so i’d say it was about 7 hours until we are supposed to leave for our road trip. i, clearly, am not even close to being packed. well, i’d say that that was a slight exaggeration, but it’s not only that i have to contend with packing up my life, but i have to pack my life into the size of a recently purchased 98 jetta. like the trunk and half of the back seat. i’ve had less frusterating experiences (though waiting in line at the dmv for multiple days is NOT one of them).

but i have been telling myself more or less all afternoon that at this time tomorrow, i’ll have survived and all will be well and at peace… or at least i’ll have left that stress behind.

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