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by Rebecca Bernard at McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies.

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it makes such a difference! the world is just more colorful (as it should be)!

it helps to know that some people are adding a little splash of color to otherwise grey walls out there…

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it’s time for the yearly self-introspection, reflecting and starting things new. to be honest, last year was a blur. But, of course, I do have a few resolutions — albeit a few days early.

  • take more pictures!!!

I never have been the type of person to be the picture-taker. Who likes to stop everything, and tell everyone to say cheese? But really, a picture takes a second to take. And it’s nice to look back and pictures and “remember when…” SO I started collecting the pictures from this winter break. Check out the Legumes take the Mountain.

  • Write more.
  • be healthy blah blah blah loose weight blah blah (i already quit smoking!). no one really talks about the freshman fifteen of teaching. it sucks. my principle told me it would happen. self-fulfilling prophecy? probably. but still not cool.

I probably have some other ones… but I can’t really think of them right now.

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inspired by my foray into the depths (kind of) of canadian wilderness (kind of), i’ve been checking out what’s going on in the great northern version of cyber-heartache. and all i have to say is BORING. these guys really need to step up the web-tragecomedy. pour example: boring, boring, and really?

although, perhaps no one is feeling too funny. christmas is only two days away.

i did like this one. it fits the over-indulgence of the holiday spirit (note the food imagery).

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not sure what “inspired” me to draw this. maybe it’s because i started watching (oh so shamefully) Lost this week.

mind reader

i’m not sure what the connection is, or who this weirdo is, but ya.

happy friday

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“inspired” by some friends’ awesome halloween get-ups.

awkward clown

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feliz día de los muertos

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