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last day of school tomorrow. i survived.

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feliz día de los muertos

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So i’ve been living in glorious (and hot) Austin, TX for just over 2 months. And I realized, that I’ve been working so much that I haven’t really been able to enjoy Austin in all it’s glory — not to mention that I haven’t been making any $$$ to fund my adventures.

One of the things that Austin is known for, other than delicious texmex, is MUSIC. duh. and have been to see one show?? other than outdoor free jams, the one attempt i had at seeing a show failed miserably. (Well, to be honest, had i stayed and tried to scalp tickets for Passion Pit just a little bit longer i would have not only gotten in, but for FREE as did the people who i went with… but i guess that it’s now spilt milk, water under the bridge…)

Which makes me extra excited for Fun Fun Fun Fest! The low-fi version of ACL, it’s taking place on November 7th and 8th, and I definitely plan on intending. Some of the line-up has recently been “leaked.” And while I don’t know most of the cast, I am excited about potentially seeing Broadcast. This is from their first EP, The Book Lovers:

and Les Savy Fav, of course, always a crowd favorite. (this video starts off really cute, but then half way through it gets preeeeeetty repetitive):

and in all randomness, while i was you-tubing music videos… i came across this classic of Dan Deacon, Crystal Cat. Enjoy!

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Walter Cronkite told the Texas Monthly the “way it was,” in 2006, including his time at the University of Texas, and longevity of the nightly news.

Also, author (Angela’s Ashes) Frank McCourt died yesterday.

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even in the first few days of summer school i’ve been impressed by just intelligent children are. they are so perceptive and can see right through any bullshit. One girl said to me the other day:

your hair is dark there (pointing to my roots).

yes. super observant. and aren’t ashamed to say what they notice.

And while sitting in the lunchroom with some of the kids, and after explaining what I was eating for lunch (because they asked me): qinqoa and vegetables and spinach, and going into this long explanation about how important eating healthy is and it’s so good to eat vegetables, and talking about popeye and how he eats so much spinach, and thinking that i’m giving them this great impromptu lesson, and one girl says

para estar flaca? (to be skinny?)

and basically called me out on my bullshit.

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kristin’s take on the whole trip… one text at a time.

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the great state of…

this is where i am moving.


a state that believes that it could be its own country.

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