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Have you ever tried to google your name? Ok, most people have… and I admit it, I just did. Amazingly, even with all the time that I spend on the internet, my real actual self showed up 3 times on the first page! And then I am not to be seen for another 5 pages.

Have you every tried IMAGE SEARCHING your name on google? Cause (since we are all past shame at this point), I have. The first six pages are pictures of adorable but never the less young infants, and then on page seven something shows up. A picture that was posted not of me, oh no, but of two authors that I wrote a review for a year ago for BOMB Magazine’s blog.

And the I’m feeling lucky button? Takes me to an adorable children’s book (of which I have like 5 copies).

Conclusion: Yes, I spend too much time on the internet.


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