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ah! how exciting! i finally saw the mega-amazing poet and fiction author Sherman Alexie (!). He’s one of my favorite writers. maybe ever. He’s written all sorts of things, (all amazing), not to mention he’s super impressive because he was first published at a RIDICULOUSLY young age of 23. (intimidating and inspiring at the same time). Lauren and I saw him at the Poetry Project with poet Jayne Cortez (who i’d never heard of or read before).

While I am clearly ecstatic, not only because i was able to bask in the man’s presence, or because he was near enough to me for me to have a (very) brief converstation, BUT he also signed his new book of poetry, Face (published by Brooklyn’s own, Hanging Loose Press). The only problem is, it’s completely, and utterly illegible. I was too awed, starstruck, and just plain shy in his presence to look it over as he wrote it. Later, sitting just feet away, I remembered that he had inscribed something in my very own book:

(image to be posted)

I’ve only gotten as far as To: Emma. Seattle Wow!!! and after is a series of curly, handwritten words that may involve the word port, or as my father suggested, could be in French and involve the word puer… which makes even less sense.

Alas, I may never know. But hey, i’ll take it. it says my name. and we totally made eye-contact. plus, i still have this amazing new book of poetry to read. i’ll probably live.


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