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me too! me too!

my friend katelynn has inspired me to join her in her 30 days of creativity. and ima do it. 30 days, 30 minutes a day, something creative everyday.

simple? probably not. my class of 19 seven year old babies are demanding. but they are monopolizing my life. i’m telling you, it needs to end. and i think that i can spend 30 minutes a day being productive for myself.

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ted*:  i just submitted to craigslist missed connections
ted: have you ever done that?

Sent at 9:55 AM on Sunday
ted:  one was for the girl in my dream
ted: what if she responds?
ted: what if she responds?
Sent at 9:59 AM on Sunday
missed connections. AMAZING. who hasn’t thought of posting before??? have you ever been posted about?? I myself, have always admired the lewd and awkward romances that happen over cyberspace, public for all to see, but never have i written one myself. nor has anyone written one about me. but i still check them. i still want to read them. it’s like a train wreck, sometimes it’s horrifying, but you got to read it. like this morning i saw this.
i also like the simplicity of this one.
people of all sorts! really! EVERYONE!
and everywhere. really, everywhere.


(photo credit)

of course, sometimes love goes terribly sour.
I don’t know if my friend every met the girl of his dreams, but in the end, i think this random got it right.
*names have been changed to protect the innocent

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