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I’m back!

after a long hiatus, I’m getting my groove (?) on again. In case you didn’t understand that poorly used euphemism (for writing), what I meant is that I am going to start posting again. Hooray!

courtesy Party Time Slot Machine Game

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an awesome, yet unpublished poem by Robert Bly: Call and Answer

my favorite stanza is the one that ends the poem,

Some masters say our life lasts only seven days.
Where are we in the week? Is it Thursday yet?
Hurry, cry now! Soon Sunday night will come.

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Dear Things by Gregory Lawless

Baywatch by Jennifer L. Knox

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getting excited for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) a little bit in advance!

All of my poetry will be here (for NaPoWriMo and otherwise) from now on!

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unlike the weekend
hump day blues happen so fast
stumble into sleep

day by day updates

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poetry at haggard and halloo.

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