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Wednesday, wednesday, what happened to you? It turns out that attempting to do both sxsw interactive AND music (i can’t even think about film… maybe next year?) is a challenging feat. But let me see if I can recap…

Twin Shadow and Givers at Mohawk were both a decent start to the day AFTER AN EPICALLY LONG WAIT FOR TACOS. I have never in my life waited for tacos fro 45 minutes. Do not even try and get tacos from the taco truck on 6th street across from the milagro tortilla factory. they were delicious, but not 45 minutes delicious.

We made a lame attempt at seeing a show at Beauty bar, but the line was too long. Also, why is their photobooth ALWAYS out of comission?

At Emo’s annex (aka the parkinglot across the street from emo’s) Typhoon was playing a set. They were great! The orchestra-like group totally impressed me. I will be wanting to see them again. Here is a clip form the beginning of their set…

(video posted soon)



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The day started off… Just right. Breakfast biscuit picnic and 10 minute wait for faderfort wrist bands? Auspicious beginnings for the day.

After doctoring up a cellphone that had the misfortune to find itself in a toilet (we were recommended to dry it out in a bag o’rice), we made our way to Waterloo and saw a great toro y moi set. Totally worth the claustrophobia of a show inside the not so spacious record store.

(video uploaded soon)

Also saw the generationals. Much better than I expected, having only heard a few songs on the internets.

Pit stop for free beer and tacos… Nom nom nom. Happy sxsw!

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Michael Cera’s buzzband mr. Heavenly not as terrible as expected, and I did get to hang with my lovely friend Lindsey weber who is in town blogging for paper mag (or some equally relevant magazine thing). The free beer was running on short supply… But I was told that it was an impromptu showing and I did get to sneak in so I can’t complain too much.
After the show, everyone’s favorite indie darling (yes, still discussing MC) was awkwardly trying to both avoid and pose for a very small crowd of a little bit more than ambivalent fans. The dude from man man was there too but I can never remember his name.

Still tagging along with lindsey’s lovely media and uber relevant friends, happy hour at the hp trailer park was a great success,where I honed my frisbee skillz and managed to only hit like three people with the frisbee… and not michael cera. phweffff.

Ok I need to eat my delicious b-fast taco. More to follow.

Later: Waited to see Thee Oh Sees, but just caught Bare Wires (decent) at Scoot Inn, and then The Sounds at Pure Volume. Pretty ok too. But it had been a long night at that point and the floors were bizarrely sopping wet and the smoking patio was crowded. Not sure if I want to go back to Pure Volume. Oh, and the bouncer thought that my swag from the Zynga party (mints in the shape of bones) was drugs. it was weird.

oh, and we some how ended up on the roof of an elementary school for an after party. those 18 year olds sure knew what was up.

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Fader fort… worth it?

Pretttty sure not. The line has been 2 – 3 hours. Thoughts?

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So am I supposed to be networking right now instead of just listening to my fav buzzbands?

Horoscope for Taurus: March 15
from Susan miller astrology

The slow and steady course you have chosen will finally show tangible results. You may have been working very hard to pursue what you feel is the correct path. Your community might have piqued your interest, and you might have some creative ideas about putting your plans into action. The friendships you make will prove invaluable in the future. This will be the perfect time to have conversations about research and possible new business ventures.

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Trombone Shorty, at The Parish Sunday night, made me regret a little less that I couldn’t get over to NoLa for Fat Tuesday. Or maybe I regret it a little bit more.

Not that the show was particularly themed, but Trombone Shorty definitely brought his New Orleans roots to the crowded show on Sunday, for my first show of sxsw.

I didn’t know what to expect from the show, but agreed to go along with a friend. We had luckily snagged some VIP passes to the Mashable party across the street, and from the view on the Balcony we could see the line to get into the Parish… and I went along because 1) always down to see a new band 2) I’ve only ever seen great shows at the Parish and 3) all our dude friends were doing that thing where they play pool and bro out.

The line went fairly quick. And shit. Trombone Shorty killed it. (sidenote: there were also free taquitos. hi. love sxsw free food and booze.) First of all, how can someone play the trombone for so long? I tried to play a trumpet once in 7th grade and and it sounded like a crappy shofar. He had full command of his instrument, and played it with energy. He was playing and dancing and laughing the whole show. You could tell that the man loved his music. And the crowd loved not only his music, but him. I was only too happy that I stumbled on the show and that I could start my sxsw week off juuuuuuust right.

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