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i never would have thought:

(extra points for spotting the longhorns hat)


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so, this guy had the best idea.

This book designer, Charlie Orr, who’s done lots of stuff for soft skull, bloof, penguin, etc., decided that because he’s not a writer, but still had all these great ideas for books (or something like that), he would make covers for books that DON’T EVEN EXIST! Brilliant.

My favorite of Orr’s Hypothetical Library so far is the David Lehman series, the What Really Happened series. That shit is FUNNY.
The best is the What Really Happened: Dallas — November 22, 1963. The Hypothetical Flap Copy says:

While conjecture is irresistible and has its place in the construction of historical narratives, Lehman brings to each book a solid grounding in facts and details.

ha. check it out here.

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up north, we call it new orleeeeeeens.

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I feel like a pile of pumpkin vomit.

i ate a lot.

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every day!

i learned a new word. conjugal. i mean, i’d heard it before, but i really don’t think that i knew what it meant. apparently it means anything that has to do with marriage.

Example: conjugal home, conjugal bed, conjugal fight

how is that not the least romantic word ever? CONJUGAL? seriously? it sounds like constrain. or concrete. (of course i suppose it comes from conjoin or something, meaning coming together…)

which incidentally reminds me of a monty python skit about woody and tinny words.

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little piggy

pure romance

you were loud and messy like finger-paints

deep thinker


also, what is “baskets” a euphemism for??

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kristin’s take on the whole trip… one text at a time.

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