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Trombone Shorty, at The Parish Sunday night, made me regret a little less that I couldn’t get over to NoLa for Fat Tuesday. Or maybe I regret it a little bit more.

Not that the show was particularly themed, but Trombone Shorty definitely brought his New Orleans roots to the crowded show on Sunday, for my first show of sxsw.

I didn’t know what to expect from the show, but agreed to go along with a friend. We had luckily snagged some VIP passes to the Mashable party across the street, and from the view on the Balcony we could see the line to get into the Parish… and I went along because 1) always down to see a new band 2) I’ve only ever seen great shows at the Parish and 3) all our dude friends were doing that thing where they play pool and bro out.

The line went fairly quick. And shit. Trombone Shorty killed it. (sidenote: there were also free taquitos. hi. love sxsw free food and booze.) First of all, how can someone play the trombone for so long? I tried to play a trumpet once in 7th grade and and it sounded like a crappy shofar. He had full command of his instrument, and played it with energy. He was playing and dancing and laughing the whole show. You could tell that the man loved his music. And the crowd loved not only his music, but him. I was only too happy that I stumbled on the show and that I could start my sxsw week off juuuuuuust right.

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I (with a few friends) recently made a journey to Colombia! It was a great trip, and one that has given me (too) much to describe.

We discovered early on, that Colombia is allll about the crazy fruit. Seriously.

Picking out Crazy Colombian Fruit

photo: courtesy Matt Waltrip

There are so many kinds! But after tasting,

Sampling Said Fruit

photo: courtesy Matt Waltrip

we discovered that many kinds just are not appropriate for eating. It’s all in the juice.
The fruit in Colombia is both mysterious and the single most representative object of the Colombia that I saw, smelled, heard and danced. Even to hear the names of the fruits is to hear the rhythm of Colombian salsa, feel the sticky humidty and the lingering caress of soft waves from the Caribbean.
Tomate del arbol
o mezclado
con agua
o leche
échate ron
si te apetece

Juice Stand in Taganga

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I’m back!

after a long hiatus, I’m getting my groove (?) on again. In case you didn’t understand that poorly used euphemism (for writing), what I meant is that I am going to start posting again. Hooray!

courtesy Party Time Slot Machine Game

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thanks nasa.

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feliz día de los muertos

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happy movember


Held in November, this is the month in which people gather together to grow and compare mostaches. Participants begin the month clean shaven and cultivate their mostaches throughout the month. The month climaxes with participants comparing and appeciating each others mostaches in a manly, non gay way.

— this is from a very reliable source.

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me too! me too!

my friend katelynn has inspired me to join her in her 30 days of creativity. and ima do it. 30 days, 30 minutes a day, something creative everyday.

simple? probably not. my class of 19 seven year old babies are demanding. but they are monopolizing my life. i’m telling you, it needs to end. and i think that i can spend 30 minutes a day being productive for myself.

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