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an awesome, yet unpublished poem by Robert Bly: Call and Answer

my favorite stanza is the one that ends the poem,

Some masters say our life lasts only seven days.
Where are we in the week? Is it Thursday yet?
Hurry, cry now! Soon Sunday night will come.


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so, this guy had the best idea.

This book designer, Charlie Orr, who’s done lots of stuff for soft skull, bloof, penguin, etc., decided that because he’s not a writer, but still had all these great ideas for books (or something like that), he would make covers for books that DON’T EVEN EXIST! Brilliant.

My favorite of Orr’s Hypothetical Library so far is the David Lehman series, the What Really Happened series. That shit is FUNNY.
The best is the What Really Happened: Dallas — November 22, 1963. The Hypothetical Flap Copy says:

While conjecture is irresistible and has its place in the construction of historical narratives, Lehman brings to each book a solid grounding in facts and details.

ha. check it out here.

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new book

I’ve always been really into Anthony Bourdain’s show. He loves food. And he’s not a foodie. He just eats (and eats!). I respect his utter disregard for his own health in the name of food. And hey, his trip to Mexico city made me want to start eating meat again.

Even though I’m only a little ways in, I’m liking it so far. It’s half of a love affair with food, and half of a love affair with the kitchen. The hottest, more stressful, macho place in a restaurant. I remember peering into the window of the kitchen of our restaurant on a hot day, the cooks bathing in their own sweat, and I would feel shame for asking them for one more slice of bread for table 9.

In any case, it seems like Anthony Bourdain is doing what he does best, making unglamorous things seem appealing — in a visceral sort of way.

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Walter Cronkite told the Texas Monthly the “way it was,” in 2006, including his time at the University of Texas, and longevity of the nightly news.

Also, author (Angela’s Ashes) Frank McCourt died yesterday.

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for the critics
would be patriots
for the southerners
the visionary
and a happy fourth from me.

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has become even more special to me now that i spend all week going, going, going. it is the first day that i can really slow down. stop. read. write.

I’m a Fool to Love You by Cornelius Eady
Father Outside by Nick Flynn

and i really adore this one. the children in my summer school class are almost all 7 years old:
Brian, Age 7 by Mark Doty (a Texas Poet)

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Just read Téa Obreht’s short story in The New Yorker summer fiction issue, “The Tiger’s Wife.” I can’t wait for her novel by the same name to be published. Apparently, another of her stories will also be featured in The Atlantic‘s summer fiction issue.

I’ve always admired when an author can use folklore to create a narrative; Obreht does this, without converting — and thus ruining — the mystery of the tale into cold, hard facts.

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