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Michael Cera’s buzzband mr. Heavenly not as terrible as expected, and I did get to hang with my lovely friend Lindsey weber who is in town blogging for paper mag (or some equally relevant magazine thing). The free beer was running on short supply… But I was told that it was an impromptu showing and I did get to sneak in so I can’t complain too much.
After the show, everyone’s favorite indie darling (yes, still discussing MC) was awkwardly trying to both avoid and pose for a very small crowd of a little bit more than ambivalent fans. The dude from man man was there too but I can never remember his name.

Still tagging along with lindsey’s lovely media and uber relevant friends, happy hour at the hp trailer park was a great success,where I honed my frisbee skillz and managed to only hit like three people with the frisbee… and not michael cera. phweffff.

Ok I need to eat my delicious b-fast taco. More to follow.

Later: Waited to see Thee Oh Sees, but just caught Bare Wires (decent) at Scoot Inn, and then The Sounds at Pure Volume. Pretty ok too. But it had been a long night at that point and the floors were bizarrely sopping wet and the smoking patio was crowded. Not sure if I want to go back to Pure Volume. Oh, and the bouncer thought that my swag from the Zynga party (mints in the shape of bones) was drugs. it was weird.

oh, and we some how ended up on the roof of an elementary school for an after party. those 18 year olds sure knew what was up.


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